Mike Kukich

Feel free to contact me via social media using the icons located on the footer; my username on all platforms is @Esbei2x
Will contact with you within 24 hours.

Phone: (860) 941-1068
Email: Esbei2x@gmail.com


A self-taught audio engineer, graphic designer, producer and videographer, Esbei2x always strives to create the best quality content possible. When not in the studio mastering vocals or creating beats, he is often working on cover art or editing the weekly interview for The Breakthrough. Shortly following the release of his first YouTube videos and recieving tips from AZae Productions and Diamond Visuals, Esbei2x was employed by Mohegan Sun to record sporting events to air on ESPN. With camera and editing experience unlike anyone in Southeastern Connecticut, you will always recieve the best products for the lowest price.

Want to relax and play video games? My Playstation and Xbox accounts are both Esbei2x

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